All Your Kidney Needs In One Place

Screening and early detection

Screening and early detection of kidney disease in patients with conditions ( Example Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, HIV and Systemic lupus erythematosus) which predispose them to developing kidney related complications. This process can prevent later complications, including the need for dialysis.

A comprehensive kidney assessment

A comprehensive kidney assessment for a wide spectrum of established kidney diseases that are primary (example Nephrotic syndrome) or associated with other systemic diseases (example Diabetes or hypertension related kidney disease). Close follow up of these kidney conditions once they are established can prevent further complications and hospitalisations.

Ability to facilitate a kidney biopsy

We have the ability to facilitate a kidney biopsy should the need arise through our integrated team of urologists and radiologists.

Development of a personalised kidney care plan

Development of a personalised kidney care plan through all stages of kidney disease, including management of chronic medications, addressing your unique nutritional, physical and social needs, thereby allowing you to maintain your level of social and occupational functioning.

Manage your haemodialysis prescription

In the event of end stage kidney disease, we will manage your haemodialysis prescription through your preferred dialysis unit, with visits at your unit to establish the best plan for you. We will also manage any acute illness and hospitalizations that you may require so as not to interrupt your continuity of care. If you choose the option of peritoneal dialysis (which will allow you to dialyse in the comfort of your home), we will manage the prescription for you with clinical oversight and care from our comprehensive renal team.

Actively facilitate the process of kidney transplantation

We will actively facilitate the process of kidney transplant workup if you wish to come off dialysis, and we will manage the process holistically including all intraoperative and postoperative renal care

Manage a wide spectrum of adult medical conditions

We are also able to comprehensively manage a wide spectrum of adult medical conditions that require the oversight of a general physician

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